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Tosca Tosca Behavior

The personality of the Podhale makes the originality of the breed : it is his temperament and his character that form the essentials of his charm !
He is a calm, sensitive, intelligent, courageous, well-behaved and honest dog.  Thanks to his origins, the Podhale has of course all the qualities of the Sheepdog.

Very gentle and well-balanced, his primary need is contact with his master to establish a certain degree of complicity.  Aware of his own strength, but without resorting to aggressive behaviour, he will know how to guard and create a secure environment for both dog and owner where total trust will develop.
Be constant in your commands, he is a dog that will not be mechanised.  He thinks before each action and always behaves intelligently.
It is therefore essential to educate your Podhale through play.

The Podhale is a large breed of dog.  He is imposing, but is not heavy in build.  The height of an adult male is 65 to 70 cm and he weighs 50 to 55 kg.  An adult female measures 60 to 65 cm and weighs 40 to 45 kg.
The most noticeable aspect about him is his superb white coat, without a single coloured marking, and his plumed tail.

His eyes are dark, slightly slanted, and his nose and the corners of his mouth are black.  In winter, his muzzle loses its colour : it is called the “snow muzzle”.
His under-fur is dense, his ears are thick, covered in fur and should practically fall to his mouth.
The line of his back must be very straight.  The withers are very marked and females are slightly longer than males.