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choosing a puppy

Choosing the right puppy

A serious breeder cannot give an absolute guarantee. There is always a degree of uncertainty in nature. Just as there is no perfect human, there is no perfect dog!

However, by avoiding all undesirable inbreeding and by choosing parents descending from “true mountain dogs”, as well as being aware of all earlier generations, you can be sure to get a puppy whose Polish origins guarantee the authenticity of the breed.

No serious breeder can permit himself to unquestionably affirm that in his kennels all of his dogs are entirely free of dysplasia, ocular defects or of anything else. This point is rightly confirmed by Doctor Chaudieu, a veterinary, who is a member of the technical zoo commission of the SCC and of the “ocular defect” sub-commission. He states that you have to study “hip dysplasia at least over several decades and generations of dogs, and there are not only genetic causes…”

So let’s be fully aware that we cannot trace back far enough and that a parent dog with a perfect hip X-ray does not always have perfect puppies. In addition, numerous vets including some who are part of the Dysplasia Commission of the SCC, do not agree either on the ideal age, or on the manner, (anaesthetic or not), or on the interpretation of these X-rays. The press picks up on these points and goes on about them and we know too through our experiences… breeding has its uncertainties!

The best selection of quality rests, we firmly believe, on a very simple system that we have been using over the last fifteen years :

Going (when possible) to the country of origin, contacting the breeders of the best bloodlines in Poland and bringing back future parents of pure origin. They should be of perfect physical condition that fit the exact criteria of the breed with the strong bone structure of mountain dogs, perfect unblemished white coats, of excellent character and behaviour. In brief real deep chested, strong backed working Podhalans.

Breeding them with respect to their original qualities , which means with firm but gentle training. Without weakness, or brutality, these dogs educate themselves, and their nobility and pride develops in a climate of interaction and friendship, with good social contact.

Not badly behaved in the kennels, with a life in the open air, normal stimulation through contact with vehicles, crowds of people, and with other animals; audio or video cassettes do not replace the real thing, they have no smell and represent nothing to the puppy.

Visiting the offspring of our dogs as often as possible or at least hearing news of them, as we cannot go every year to Guyana, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco… to meet all the friends who honoured us by choosing one of our pure pedigree dogs exempt, like their parents, from any above mentioned defects. Our pride and our reward comes from the owner’s happiness.

We need several more dog generations before we have the presumption to affirm that our dogs are free from everything.

Let us humbly continue to do our best as we are not geneticists, we would simply like to stay good breeders of this marvellous breed !