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I, your dog, am not a human, even if I am an undeniable member of the family.
I left my mother, my brothers and sisters, and the other adults of my circle; they were my pack in which I had my place in the hierarchy. You are my new pack and I want to have my place in it but I remain a dog !

I eat like a dog, do not feed me like a human! I like to be near you as often as possible, but I must sleep alone or with another dog, not with you as it is not good for my stability, and if I cry and whimper the first few nights,it’s my problem, do not interfere, it will only complicate things.

I adapt quickly, give me an environment that is clean, dry, well aired and sheltered from the wind and rain, and I will be happy.
Do not forget that, just like baby humans, I need calm and I sleep 14 hours a day. Do not wake me up to play or to eat as sleep is vital to the development of my nervous system. Disturbing me, especially with a brutal wake up will only put me in a bad mood !

For the moment I am too small to jump obstacles, climb stairs or run too long, especially behind the bicycle of your son who I already love to the point of going beyond my physical limits to make him happy. That will come later, leave me time to grow up and to develop strength and stamina!

In brief, let me live and grow up at my rhythm, do not force things. Educate me firmly but gently. A simple “NO” said occasionally and firmly or a gentle tap with your hand is enough to make me understand that I did something wrong. No newspaper, stick or whip… that would harden my character and would not help me understand. I can tell the difference between a hand stroking me and a hand punishing me…
Treat me like a dog, show me my place. It is not my job to be the chief of the pack: it is yours, and I will be that loyal and affectionate companion that you have always wished for.

And then I will give you all my love and protection for many long years.