Welcome to the Gers !

We are situated in Gascony in South West France, the land of good-living, known for its wines of the Côtes du Saint Mont, Madiran, Armagnac, and for its duck based regional cuisine of magret, foie gras and confit. Gascony is also known for Lupiac, (the birth place of d’Artagnan), and the famous film “Le bonheur est dans le pré”.

Marciac is the territory of Jazz. Pau and Lourdes are situated one hour’s drive away from our home in Plaisance du Gers. We are also one hour from the Atlantic ocean.

In this region, numerous restaurants offer the traditional cuisine of the Gers.

We live on a small 18 th century Gascon farm, which we share with our dogs. We built them large enclosures with shelters and huge kennels, (to abide by the rules!) Of course, the doors of the kennels are always open to enable the dogs to go in and out as they wish.

Each of our dogs benefit, in turn, from the privilege of our house : four dogs at a time are allowed the pleasure of making our tiles dirty and leaving a few hairs there…

All of our dogs thoroughly enjoy their long walks, (rivers, lakes, mountains, and the joys of snow in winter. They even tow sledges or skiers.) A good number of them also work with harnessing.

At home, we also have chickens, turkeys, ornamental ducks, four horses, two Shetland ponies, not forgetting our six Irish ewes, whose horns make them look like wild mountain sheep, and… five tabby cats!



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