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Podhalans : my passion, the reason for a fight

I start by searching for quality through continuity.

Quality was searched for by the Polish who saved this magnificent breed from being decimated by German occupying troops. These dogs were courageous auxiliaries of the resistance movement to Nazi occupation by transporting food, munitions, messages, as well as defending supplies and people.

I particularly respect Doctor Deresinski and Doctor Bukowski and Polish breeders of today such as Maria Zdziennicka, (who has bred Podhalans for some forty years), and those who gave me dogs of great quality.

Continuity because for many years, my biggest concern has been to be able to conserve the constancy and rugged mountain qualities, the rusticity, and the strong bone structure as well as with the pure white fur and perfect behaviour.

All this of course by selecting with greatest care, in Poland, the best-looking dogs with the best breeding followed by rigorously selected marriages, avoiding inbreeding or hastily made matches: inbred or bad crosses can cause a yellowing of the fur, dubious pigmentation and an aggressive character… Which have nothing to do with the characteristics of the breed.
This dog is dependable, courageous, brave, of excellent character and behaviour, and every fearful or aggressive dog should be excluded from the show ring which is unfortunately not always the case.
Such a search obviously demands work, perseverance, devotion, and time, and one is not in it for the financial reward or the personal glory.

My reward : for the last ten years the results achieved at national, international, and world levels strengthen my resolve and encourage me not to give up, even if the fight sometimes proves to be difficult.

Christiane Hubière